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Your thoughts on this new style front tube bumper/light bar

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Cool, Not cool. What do you think. Might be something i save up for.

$309.00 + 75 s/h from Poway, Ca.
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I like it! But I don't like it $309 worth.
to much pre-runner-ness while keeping the stock bumper.
I need to see this in person before making a decision. I've always wanted a product like that but now I can't tell how much I like it.
With a Lucrum mount and BWE's It would be alot better. but cool

its ok, but i think for that price you could add another couple of bucks and get a real full metal bumper. thats just my opinion though :)
I kinda like it. I think the hoop is a little to large or up high. I was wonder the dia of the pipe. But it looks like something you would find on a Ford Ranger made my N-fab. I do like the pre runner look in front of the bumper.
not to shabby however the proportions are off, kinfacartoonish. it looks mainly cosmetic because of the single attachment point. maybe if they brought the hoop down and attached through the top of the plastic bumper.
Your bolting on a lot of metal tubing to a plastic bumper. Any hits an the bumper is gone. Seems to be a waste of money to me. I do not mid the look, but I would question the durablity of the bumper with it on, but I questiont he durability of the bumper in the first place. Okay for driving on dirt roads, but serious off road adventures both would be gone in my opinion.
It doesn't look like it is bolted the plastic, however through the mesh to the metal bumper behind it. the same goes if you bolt through the top of the bumper. you can bolt it straight to the metal. it worked for FJ's that ran Baja that had to run stock bumpers. it's a good start with room for improvement.
for $300 and change, i'd save my lunch money and get a real tube bumper.
If you are looking for the pre-runner look that is it. If you get that you will have to run some very lrg diameter lights or the hoop will over power the frt end IMO. Those size lights can be pretty expensive. I'm sure who ever created it was intending it obivously to be a decorative light bar not anything to withstand impact.

I say if ya like the way it looks GET IT! Slam some badazz Light Force lights on it & Bada Bing! If later ya dont like it sell it on the forum n get sumthin else.
So it looks like about 90% of you all don't seem to care for it. I too agree that if you hit something large with it, it would get damaged. Large lights for it would be a must. I do feel that it was made more for mounting lights and for looks rather than from kepping your rig from doing an en-dow if you were to nose plant it from being airborne. Just my 0.02. I still think if the hoop was a bit smaller to alow for 4 lights and look more like the demello one we might have something. Thanks for all the opinions.
If you are builindg a Pre-Runner then it looks good to me.
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