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xbox 360

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I have an Xbox 360 w/hard drive, 12 games, 1 controller, Xbox to LCD screen type connector (hook it up to a computer screen for crazy hi-def). And 1 month of Xbox Live Gold.

$200 for the unit
$300 with the games

I may take some $$ off if you take it out of my hand before 4-17 (thursday).

Halo 3 limited edition (not the helmet one, but the in the middle)
Gears of War
MOH Airborne
Call of Duty 3
Call of Duty 4 (This game kicks and unbelievable amount of ass)
John Woo's Stranglehold
Test Drive Unlimited
Madden 07
Ghost Recon Advanced War Fighter 2
Assassins Creed

I have NEVER gotten any red lights of death. BUT, I did have a VGA problem which i put up $94 to get fixed, and another 1 year warranty in March 08.

Remember! Socal only!

Why am i selling??? I need the $$$ for some Icons
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