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OK, I need to buy a winch to put in my new Lucrum bumper. I have had my eye on the M8000 from Winch Depot for a long time, $517 shipped. But being impatient, I decided to take a look at 4 wheel parts to see their price, $550, no shipping cause I can pick it up and a $50 gift card so effectively $17 less than Winch Depot. Not sure if Winch Depot is in or out of CA so there could be a tax savings to use them but I would probobly buy from 4 Wheel Parts so I don't have to wait.

But here is my dilemma. Both web sites show two version of the M8000, roller fairlead and hawse fairlead. The hawse fairlead version is much more expensive in both cases. I thought the only difference was the fairlead itself. I want the hawse fairlead for the lower profile but don't want to pay a couple hundred extra for it.

What am I missing. I know that some hawse fairleads are rated for synthetic rope only, but Warn has one for both wire and synthetic that costs about $35 which is only a third as much as a roller fairlied if you buy it separate.

So??? any thoughts?
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you will not have to pay tax from winch depot. just get the roller fairlead version, you can always sell the roller fairlead on eBay, and then pick up a hawse fairlead...just make sure it's rated for steel cables.
btw, that warn fairlead for $35 is for ATVs i think. just make sure the fairlead you get has a 10" bolt pattern.
Warn does make a steel Hawse fairlead for wire rope for trucks but it's like 60 bucks for the full size, I actually bought the aluminum one from All pro and used it with the wire rope and neve had an issue. I'm sure if I would of used it hundereds of times it may of started to wear down the fairlead but it only got a couple scratches on the surface, I sanded them with super fine grit paper when I got the synth rope, and still like new. Buy the roller one, a seperate fairlead later is the way to go, cheaper.

Thanks for the input guys. I did just that, bought the one with the roller and will get a hawse separately.

Thanks again.
Rick, when you can I highly recommend going to synthetic. It's safer, lighter, and easier to spool. Rockrawler is selling 100ft of MasterPull line for $200. It's a decent price for that line.
also check out I paid 160 for 100 ft of 3/8 19000 lb Blue line with aluminum thimble and heavy duty line protector. they had a sale. but good company.

I absolutely want to go with the synthetic, but the home remodel budget is cutting into my FJ budget so I'll have to make due with steel for the moment.

160 for 100' of 3/8!! That is a great price. I actually switched over to their site mid post to see if that was still available, (I am so weak). But the best price was $100 more so I will wait for now.

Thanks Guys!
With me being a complete and total n00b, I'm learning so much from you guys. I've already got my mind set on the Lucrum mount, M8000 with roller lead and synthetic line. Now, all I need is money. I gotta check those pants pockets a little better before they go to the cleaners...:D
Rick when you decide to buy, look into Superwinch's site for an article about line length selection. Sometimes too much line is a liability.
Fjamming said:
Rick when you decide to buy, look into Superwinch's site for an article about line length selection. Sometimes too much line is a liability.
not to mention a tight fit on your winch, I am maxed out on line, if I don't spool it perfectly it won't fit!. Wish I went 10 feet shorter. oh well, live and learn. as for too much spooled up, you can make due with a snatch block and double back the line to your rig. but... thats another 65 bucks. lol

I have NO willpower.

80" of 19K# on the way.

Thanks for the heads up on the quantity Tony, I remember reading that in the past but of course my more is better mentality had block me from remembering it.
Rick, if you ever need more line, you can get extensions. If push comes to shove, a non stretch line like tree saver can be used to give you more length.
See if you all came to the recovery gear meet you would of learned all sorts of stuff about winching, line and tactics. lol Shameless

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