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Winch Power Cut-Off

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Decided to use a battery cut-off switch to take out power to my winch. Didn't want any tree-huggers to go to town on my FJ's roof.

Was concerned about the switch just dangling out in the open in the engine compartment, so I decided to enclose it. Modified/cut a Radio Shack project box to fit.

Drilled a couple holes on each side of the enclosure, allowing the cables leading to the winch and another cable to the battery access to the switch.

All closed up and mounted. I thought about applying silicon and making the enclosure completely water tight, but decided it really wasn't necessary. Instead, I drilled a couple drainage holes at the bottom facing side of the box.

No juice.
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I get it now thanks to thomas, I didnt hear about the cable over the roof thing till today, scary.

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