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Whoo Hooo! Gas is down to 3.69 a gallon up by me.

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Like a dumba$$ at times I told my wife that we should fill up and top off the gas tanks in the 2 cars since gas is $3.71 and rumor is it is gonna go up due to the storm in the gulf. Although I do not quite understand how oil refining would impact me here. California gets most of its oil from South America and is locally refined. So out and about today gas drops another 2 cents. And I am sure on Monday it will be another penny or 2 cheeper. I could have saved like $5.00. Do you know how many taco's that can buy at Taco Bell? ;D
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See their methods are working!

Jack the price up! drop it a little, then jack it up again, drop it a little.

Next summer we'll hear people saying "Wooohoo its only $4.69!"
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