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Where can I get CB antenna and wiring installed?

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Waiting for my CB, bandi mount, and antenna to come in... where can I go to get this stuff installed in the OC? would I go to a car stereo install place?
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I remember seeing this question before (a long time ago), and found the following post...

FJ-Piper said:
The last "CB" shop in the area is a place called The Solder Joint in the city of Orange. Also, the T/A truck stop off of the 10 and Millikin has TONS of CB stuff, Seriously!
The Solder Joint is closed on the weekend as I found out after driving there before calling like an idiot.
PM MudLoving FJ he helped me (or rather did it all) install mine and he did an awesome job.

Our Las Vegas Club has "Mod" parties usually once a month and CB installs or tuning are usually always on the list. We get together at someones house (usually mine, since my husband has the "mad tool collection") and we have a pot luck, work on mods (that is how my ARB bumper got installed) that was one of our "bumper dumper" parties and chit chat about FJ's and off-roading. People come over even if they don't have mods to install. It is a lot of fun and sometimes if time allows and we haven't been hitting the hard alcohol, we will go do a close trail run!

Oh and BTW there is a place in Vegas that does the bumper chop for $100 I believe they are called Drive In Gear, has done a few of the FJ's in town, they do nice work and are good people....2 things that are hard to find in Vegas!
I installed mine with the help if MudLovingFJ. It's actually pretty easy. Why pay someone when you can have fun doing it yourself?
JK Electronics in Westminster has all the Firestick stuff in stock and a small selection of CB radios also. No install but good prices. Right off the 405/22
Did it myself with internet info. It's easy. ZIP ties are your friend ;)
I guess i should step up and start helping with the mods. When were you looking at getting it done?
I offer my services if you need me. PM me when/if you need the help :)
MudLovingFJ said:
I offer my services if you need me. PM me when/if you need the help :)
Me too! I should have said that in my post above. I'm in West Garden Grove, near Seal Beach.
Thanks for the offers...

I know I could easily install it myself, but hidding the Coax coming fromt he antenna on a Bandi mount behind the panels is gonna be harder.. is there a DIY for that?
Just OVER think the whole thing 30 times and you'll do great! Some things to keep in mind:

  • Your coax needs to be 18 feet.
  • Through vehicle coax penetrations should always be done in such a manner as to not kink or smash the coax, enter the vehicle through door weather stripping or expose the outer insulation to sharp objects.

I'll add more items later as I think of them.[/list]
OK... I have my CB radio and my Bandi mount... so all that is left is to pick up 18 feet of coax, a firestick antenna, and something to splice an extra cig plug hidden in the dash for the CB power.

Then I need to get around to doing it.
I have made a tech thread on the Blue Room on how to install a 12V plug if you want to do that yourself. If not, it's easy to do for whoever installs the antenna.
Wire the CB directly to the fuse box. Here is an install thread i did. Come on Dave, if you're going to do your tech threads "over there" at least post the link. ;)

Dave's link
Thanks, and sorry Hans....:D
Allright... thanks for all the offers...

I think I am gonna attempt to install it myself, just bought the rest of the stuff I need from The Solder Joint in Tusting. They where very helpful and even told me it's really easy to do myself & walked me through all the steps.

So here is what I have so far... 1) add a circuit kit for the fuse box 2) auxillary female cig lighter plug 3) cig light extension 4) bandi mount 5) antenna mount for the bandi 6) quick disconnect 7) antenna spring 8) 3ft Wilson

BTW... he said I could just cut off the ground wire from the Wilson Antenna... is that true?

I'll try installing it in the next couple of days.
don't cut the wire off. i have the 2' and when we attached the ground wire, it dropped the SWR's down low.
Ended up installing the whole thing myself yesterday afternoon... hardest part was getting the nut on to secure the Bandi mount.

Also had to improvise on routing the wire as I didn't know how to remove the right rear panel... so the wire is hidden under my trunk mat... then feeds into the panels behind the seats...

In addition I returned the 3ft Wilson (mainly because I didn't want to have to try and figure out what to do with the extra grounding wire on it) and got a 4ft firestick (that thing sits tall)... will probably go back and buy a 2ft firestick for use around the urban jungle.

So I dunno if it is all working right. It turns on, it picks up the NOAA stations good and clear, and I can kinda listen in on trucker's conversations... I still need to get it tuned as well... any other ways to confirm that it is working right?

lastly I used an "add a circuit" into the drivers side fuse box... anyone know which of those will switch on with the ingnition key instead of just being constantly on?
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