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Wheelers for the Wounded

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Hey guys & gals of this fine forum. I stumbled across a thread a little while back on the blue forum about this charity called Wheelers for the Wounded and I think that it is a very kind and noble cause that we should be a part of. Here is the link to it: Wheelers for the Wounded. I think it would be a great idea that we can really step up as a smaller forum and maybe even team up with the blue forum and organize a trail run or two. The event will be held in 2009 so we have some time to plan this out and get something organized. I am willing to make and donate stickers for the event for small donations that I can give to the charity on behalf of our forum. Matt, I may need your help designing the stickers similar to what is found in one of the posts in the above thread. We can also maybe hold a charity car wash or two or something else to help raise money for the event. We will be able to have a fun time wheeling and giving back to some of our troops that have given so much for us! Let me know what you guys think. Thanks, Tom
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Here is an e-mail that Jason, founder of Wheelers for the Wounded sent me:

Hi Tom...just wanted to shoot you an email about the plans for So Cal.
While I'd like to be able to have events in every State, I will be out of
work during the length of the trip, so I cannot afford it. It's going to
be difficult, financially, for the 6 months as it is. But, that's a
sacrifice I'm willing to make.

The So Cal Chapter of the Hummer X Club will be hosting the So Cal event.
The club is full of experienced members who off-road regularly and I'm
sure they'll put on a fantastic event for everyone. Though "Hummer" is in
the name of the club, they accept all makes of vehicles. In fact, I'm a
paying member of the club and I now drive a Jeep. They don't let
something like the brand of a vehicle keep them from having a good time.

I'm quite sure if you post on the So Cal section of the forum and let them
know you and/or your club is interested in helping them out with the main
event, and possibly the charity events as well, they'll be more than happy
to have your support.

The point of the charity trail runs is to raise money for the main event
(for things like food, entertainment, etc). This will ensure the main
event is something that the wounded military members will remember for
years to come. So, participation in the charity events is important and I
hope your club can attend those as well...after all, you all will benefit
from them at the main event as well.

Thanks for your interest in the program and I'm looking forward to getting
to off-road in So Cal.

So do you guys wanna help out at all or at least attend? I'm just looking for some feedback because I think it would be a fun time and we would get to give back to those that have fought for our country. This isn't in support of or against the war, just to thank our injured troops for their hard dedication and noble acts. Tom 8)
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