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What's sup Socal, Mohave run

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New poster here! I have a black stock 4wd fj w/standard goodies, I was invited to go the Mohave run 4-5-08. I hope my stock fj can handle it, since I have never been there. I have been 4x4 alone once, which I found out is not a good idea, thankfully nothin happen to me or my ride. well hope to post more soon.
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Welcome to the board and the mod addiction (you'll catch it soon enough) ;D
Welcome! I can't tell you about the Mojave Run as I've never been there. Perhaps someone will give you some insight on the trail difficulty so you may better prepare yourself. Good Luck and have fun!
a stock 4x4 will be able to handle Mohave without any issue.
Welcome! I've done the Mojave stock with no issues,. Can't wait for the trip!
Freek, welcome to the forums! The Mojave run will be a snap so no worries. Enjoy the company!

Welcome! The Fj is a great machine even when stock!
Welcome... stock no issues... wish I was going :-[
Welcome! see you on the mojave!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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