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What to do in Big Bear during Toyota event this weekend???

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Ok, I've tricked, I mean convinced, about 4 households to go to Big Bear this weekend. Now the family is wondering what the hell are they gonna do up there. We've been there for snow but never in the spring. We are coming in Friday night and leaving Sunday. Our groups ages go from 3 to 70 :D

Some will bike, I will go wheeling of course, some will read in the house.....

Is there shopping there? Are there lake activities?

Help :D

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try this:

if you have little ones, try the Moonridge Zoo:

for hiking/backcountry info:

many lake activities, but a little pricey without your own boat.

some shopping in The Village...

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mongolian barbeque is fantastic up there. A Mexican place right on the blvd that has the Juan's big burrito. You eat it all, its free. I have seen a couple of mountain bikers do it. A meal in its self.

You can take the ski lift to the top and walk down the trails

I really have only been there for mountain bike events, and never had time to frequent the shopping or all the resturants.

Hope that helps some.
Hi poker, there's also the sled'n slide as you enter town on the right side when you make the left bend turn, it's a blast, nice view of the lake and they also have carts...there's a nice walk way from the boat launch on the north side of the lake that everybody can enjoy and you can walk or ride bikes to the Discovery Center...the zoo is in Moonridge right next to Bear Mtn.

The fishing is good right now (if you're into that), I saw them stock-up the lake with brown trout last week.

Pine Knott Blvd. is the center of town and nice little shops along the way...

Like someone mentioned already, Snow Summit has thier Skychair running on the weekends and would be worth the ride up...OPPS, I just
logged on thier site and they won't be running the chairs until May 17th, bummer!

The fam will have a good time and so will you!
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For good eats try the Grizzly Manner Cafe. ;)
Thanks all!!

Thanks for all the great ideas. I've passed it on to my family.

Fishing! Fishing sounds good for me later in the afternoon or I'll bike.

Please excuse my laziness to Google the info but sometimes it's better to read it from people instead of a company website.

Thanks again and see you in Big Bear!
There is plenty of shopping, my mom never seems to get enough of the nik-nak/antique/craft shops.

Also, try the Time Bandit Pirate Ship cruise, it's pretty cool.

here is the chamber of commerce with some cool stuff
Thanks for all the great ideas! We had a great time and will be going back this summer :D

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MMMM lake trout, almost has a sweet watermelon flavor to it. I miss fishing.

Very nice. I hope it was cooked over oak coals. Did you rent a boat?
FJ-Piper said:
Very nice. I hope it was cooked over oak coals. Did you rent a boat?
It was broiled back at the cabin but I bet oak coals would've added a nice touch to it.

We rented a boat.....I mean two boats....there were 20 of us. One fish in two hours.....and I was the lucky fisherman.

We fished off the shore from 9PM to 11PM.....nada.

It was still fun :)
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