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I purchased Vland headlights and taillights that were supposed to be plug and play. High beams would not work and neither would beam adjustments. After installing the taillights nothing worked except the and all I had was a blinking break light. Customer service jerked me around for weeks. Long story short, I returned everything. I have now purchased Archaic lamps. Considerably more expensive but work flawlessly.
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I also had the exact situation with the Vland headlight and grill assembly. These headlights are not manufactured properly, Only had bright lights, no headlights. The seller jerk me around for about six months, pretending to have a solution for the problem when only prolonging the return expiration date. I had to send proof that they weren’t plug-and-play as stated upon purchase. I actually had to play head games with them. I knew, I had to have them answer a question through the email and sure enough they ask me to wire one of the accessory wires, at that point it couldn’t be a plug-and-play. In the end, I receive the credit from the credit card company. Buyer be aware of Vland products. Good luck to all.
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