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Recently my ExtremeAire onboard air-compressor was due for a rebuild. While it was in the shop for it's rebuild I purchased a VIAIR 460C to take over in the ExtremeAire's place. In the LITTLE time I used the 460C, it proved to be a good little compressor. The 460C is one of the biggest compressors that VIAIR offers. I believe there are only two sizes bigger now available. Some new ones are about to be released but that's all for now.

Anyway... I now have my ExtremeAire back and don't need the 460C any longer. It's anyone's who wants it for $200.00 (plus shipping if it needs shipped). It only has around 8 minutes of run time on it. I never used it to fill a tire, just to fill my tank for my train horns.

Here are the Specs for the VIAIR 460C:
460C features include horizontal cooling fins and a trapezoidal head design, a standard 3/8" stainless steel braided leader hose with inline check valve and insulated wiring for simple installation.

This "C" series compressor is turned on with a pressure switch (sold separately) installed in an air supply tank (sold separately). Supplied is a stainless steel leader hose with a threaded hose end that installs into an air supply tank. For direct inflation of tires or other inflatable objects via an air hose see the "H" series or Portable models of Viair air compressors

Note: A 150 PSI or lower pressure, non-adjustable pressure switch must be used with this compressor.

Chrome Housing
Designed to be used with an air supply tank
3/8" Stainless Steel Braided Leader Hose included
Permanent Magnetic Motor
Sealed design - Moisture & Dust Resistant
Oil-less Design
High Performance PTFE Piston Ring
Stainless Steel Valves
Gearless Direct Drive Motor
Anodized Aluminum Alloy Cylinder
Automatic Reset Thermal Overload Protector

Tech Specs
Voltage: 12-Volt
Duty Cycle: 100% @ 100 PSI
Max Working Pressure: 150 PSI
Max Amp Draw: 19 Amps
Min. Ambient Temp: -40 degrees F
Max. Ambient Temp:: 158 degrees F
Dimensions: 11.25" L x 4.3" W x 6.5" H
Net Weight: 10.5 lbs.

Fill Rates
2.5 Gallon Tank Fill Rate
0 to 105 PSI (1 min 55 sec)
0 to 145 PSI (3 min 2 sec)
85 to 105 PSI (28 sec)
110 to 145 PSI (59 sec)

5 Gallon Tank Fill Rate
0 to 105 PSI (4 min 20 sec)
0 to 145 PSI (6 min 40 seconds)
85 to 105 PSI (58 sec)
110 to 145 PSI (2 min 11 sec)

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FunJunkie said:
If I buy it will you help me hook it up with my tank?? I know nothing of the stuff. I do have brand new 15 gallon tank.
I would certainly help with that. Did you mean 1.5 gallon or 15 gallon??? Where would you put a 15 gallon tank?

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sold, 15 gallon. lol I dont know the real size but it's much bigger than the viar. mabey 2 or 3 I dunno. PM me on what I need to buy to hook this baby up. I'll Paypal ya asap, I gotta run to the bank and do some money swapping.

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