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Please use the following downloadable template for writing your trail run reports. It is important to name the Subject of your report starting off with the date in the following format YYYY/MM/DD to ensure proper chronological sorting which will make it easier to find your report in the future.

Instructions for use:
  • Download the text file: TrailReportWritingTemplate.txt located at the bottom of this post.
  • Open the text file and replace the lines starting with * with your write-up.
  • When finished, copy the entire contents in the now edited text file then pase it in a new thread with the properly formatted subject line; e.g. 2008/12/31 Gold Mountain Trail New Years Run

Here is an example of what it will look like:

This should contain one or a few sentences introducing the trail and purpose of the run. Also include a hyperlink to the planning thread.

Trail Run:
This should include actual trail information and conditions as it was at the time of the run. Include Date, start and end times, actual beginning and end GPS coordinates, the duration of any substantial stops, different types of obstacles and terrains encountered, list the different types and condition of trees and foliage, weather conditions, wildlife encountered, etc. (Over time, this will be useful to determine the best time of day and year to do this trail)

Trail Summary:
This should include a one to several paragraph write-up of the trail run, carnage or funny stories, general information, etc…

Test Results:
This should include the results of any modifications that were tested.

Photos should be resized to 640x480 for faster loading. If somebody wants a high res copy, they can always send a Personal Message (PM) the Original Poster (OP)


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