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ToyTec lift kit

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OK.....I went and did it....had been looking at ALL PRO Fox shock and Eibach set up but decided it was an over kill for my purposes....ordered the ToyTec set up from Doug yesterday. Went with the Bilstein (C475-H0) adjustables in front along with the 5100s (A463-H5) in the rear and their springs....evidently it comes with the swaybar kit and I had them throw in their new retaining clips for the swaybar as well.

The only kind of lifts I've done in the past were all leaf this will be a new kind of project for any advise would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to the improvement in handling and not kissing the asphalt when braking.
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Right on, your gonna love it. easy to install, they should send the directions with it but if not feel free to post up any questions. I've done 5 lifts ao far so I kinda got it down to a science. it's truly easy though. shouldnt have any hang ups.

i have the same front set up and love it, i need to get the rear done. I had mine installed by my tire shop when they put on my new tires. They gave me a good deal on the labor and saved me the work.
I have been also looking at the Toytech for my TT, they have a new kit that lets you use the stock Bilstein shocks. Any suggestions on where to purchase this kit locally. Thanks.
I think it's shipped from them only, I'm not sure though. I saw that new setup, only 400 something. killer!

New the kit makes the bilstein an adjustable coilover, i hope it works with my 5100 adjustables. the spring seat is replaced by a threaded collar. it could be the answer to what spring i want for the front. i think pandafj was asking about it on the blue room.
It absolutely works with the 5100's

I've got a follow up question for those of you who've gone to the ToyTec set up and are running 285/70/17 tires. What is the tire pressure your running in front and back?
50 psi in my 10 ply nittos
Wow....I tried that when I noticed the COLD rating was 80PSI...and it really made the handling unruly....I've been dropping the pressure slowly since and am down to 44 in front and 40 in the back...this seemed to help...especially when on the highway at speed if I hit any seriously rough pavement the FJ had a tendency to want to bounce to one side or the other words it resisted tracking true down the road. I checked with ToyTec and they recommended 35 to 40 PSI....their quote, "especially with a 10 ply E rated tire...that's almost a Semi-truck tire"....the 10 ply are very heavy tires that's for sure. I'm going to be interested to see what pressure others are running....especially with Nitto 10 ply....or even the BFG 8 ply.

Thanks for the feedback.... 8)
ya hans, the adj. coilovers they have on toytec for 800 bucks is actually eibach springs with the 5100 adj. coilover, so you just need the 400 dollar kit
Now that I've finally gotten my tire pressure (44PSI-F & 40PSI-R) dialed in I have to admit that the ToyTec set up is closer to the factory ride then I expected. I'm very pleased with the end result...thank you ToyTec for a good product!

While I was almost right on my last post here....I have had to adjust the air to get to a reasonable rider and have found that although I'm running 10 ply tires, the original factory stat of 32PSI is the best setting. I went as far as confirming with NITTO representative that this would not be a problem for the 285/70/17's on my FJ. I was concerned about control and overheating if on a long trip on the freeway. That turned out not to be an issue and the 32 PSI front and rear has left me with a good ride and good controal.... ;D
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