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Toys for tots

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I got a friend that puts on a toys for tots event at the California Speedway. He asked me if the FJ"ers would be interested in attending the event. It's a 25.00 entry fee and bring a 10.00 toy. I did not get all the details but gave him a card and asked him to sign up here and post the information.

The little I know is that it's a people judged event and I believe you can take a car on the track for a fee. I, myself believe this is a great thing and I contribute to the CHOC hospital toy drive every Christmas through my street rod club.

I'm just posting a FYI here for you to keep a eye on the thread.
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I pulled this info off the SoCal3g website. Ryan will get me the info as soon as it is available for those of you interested.

Date: November 23, 2008
Where: Center Oval @ the California Speedway

We haven't officially rolled out the event, the date/location are set and in ink. I will have an official thread about this posted up once we have set and finalized all of the details.
Thanks for the update Ryan. I hope we can help support the drive this year.
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