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FJVP said:
I got a friend that puts on a toys for tots event at the California Speedway. He asked me if the FJ"ers would be interested in attending the event. It's a 25.00 entry fee and bring a 10.00 toy. I did not get all the details but gave him a card and asked him to sign up here and post the information.

The little I know is that it's a people judged event and I believe you can take a car on the track for a fee. I, myself believe this is a great thing and I contribute to the CHOC hospital toy drive every Christmas through my street rod club.

I'm just posting a FYI here for you to keep a eye on the thread.
Thanks Tim for posting this.

Hey Guys. My names Ryan and I'm with Team Transport. We're getting ready to gear up for this year's Toys for Tots Drive. As Tim has already stated, it will be held at the California Speedway.

Details have yet to be finalized but as soon as they are, it will be posted.

Feel free to visit our forums any time with questions or anything else you might have.

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