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Got an older laptop sitting around,
The Satellite P205D 17" diagonal WXGA+ TruBrite widescreen notebook demonstrates a level of reliability and robustness to keep up with the fast changing conditions of your life. This Onyx Blue notebook is easy to use with the quick launch buttons for CD, DVD and Internet control. Use the DVD SuperMulti drive with Labelflash printing technology for your entertainment or for creating your own with friends and family. Large storage capacity hard drives and memory for faster transfer rates can handle your large files of data, favorite programs, digital images and MP3 music files. Built-in Wi-Fi 802.11b/g wireless for the latest network connections keep you out and moving. Six USB ports, and an i.LINK port drives a wide range of mobile PC peripheral capabilities.

Pros: Reliable, Hard working, Big Bright Screen, Number Pad, Web cam is Bright and Good Quality, Fast, Great all rounder, Plays World of warcraft well.
Cons: Sound is On the Low Side. Too Big to carry around.
Review: This is Toshibas Ides of Replacing your Huge Desktop With a Easy to Move around your Home Laptop And it delivers very well..I Have had mine now 2 years without a Hitch..I Play very graphic intensive games for hours with out a problem .. I use the Dvd =/- dl Burner without any problems..Computer is on approx 15 hrs a day without any Overheating..I'm sure other people have had Problems but like cars there are always lemons in the manufacturing Process...I Have owned many Toshiba laptops and they are still running as well as the Day i Bought them .. the oldest Being 6 yrs old...Have had other brands and Nothing But Trouble..Toshiba have a good support base and are willing to help

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