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To help a good man in need

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I don't know roverGGM from Phil donahue but he is in need and some other folks have stepped up so I figured I'd offer what I can to help. I hope this incedent doesn't open the floodgates for slimes who just want cash but that will be seen. All I know is, on the forums he has been straight up, direct, informative, opinionated, informed, and a downright good guy.
I am offering up my services for a full detail. Including Wash, claybar, wax, vacuum, all windows, undercairrage pressure wash, engine wash, tire dress, show shine, plastic back to black treatment, and air freshner of your choice to the highest bidder. SoCal only of course. 100% procedes go to helpin a straigt up cool dude, and I hope if I was ever in need folks would do the same.
Any objections please PM me
please bid here

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I'll bid $50, to get you rolling. ;D
PS - can you put a link to the blue room explanation?
Wow. The posts in there.... it's truly amazing.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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