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I know its the sept meet & greet is slated but if any one has time earlier, youre all welcome at my 11th annual Snow-buggah Surf Classic beginning @12 noon and iif you want to come back later will be campfiring & drinking all night. Its at trail 6 on september 13th. we'll have extra boards and plenty kau-kau (food-plate lunch style; kalua pig, rice, macaroni salad, anykind). I used to have it at old mans, but the place is a bust now and the lines too long for non surfers. exit Basilone R, pass surf beach, pass plant deadens to trails, pay $10 at guard house or show pass, go to trail 6(last one) park by the blue bee(the one with surf racks), walk down trail.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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