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I got myself unstuck yesterday. I was driving the GMC Yukon 4X4 at work yesterday (a LOT heavier than the FJ is). I was driving through the brush off the Rio Hondo river, looking for a couple of tweekers that are suspected of stealing a LOT of copper wiring. I saw some sand, and I thought I'd just slip right through. Well, the sand was a LOT softer than I expected. I sunk to the bottom of the rims without even trying to accelerate out of the mush.

So, I thought I would just stay off the radio and get myself out (so I don't get ridiculed for getting stuck in the first place). A tow truck was out of the question since it would cost my department a fee, and cost me a write-up. Don't ask.

So I got out and used my boot to scoot the sand out from the rear of the tires. The sand was so soft I didn't need a shovel, just my foot. I aired down to about 18-20 pounds in each tire (that was pretty good, considering I didn't have an air gauge at the time). I kicked in 4 hi (the truck would not move, so 4 lo couldn't kick in), and tried to go forward, which was slightly uphill. I felt the tires start to spin, so I thought I'd get gravity to work with me instead of against me. I put the floor mats behind the tires, threw it in reverse and went backwards, right out of the sand. The thing that took the longest was airing down, so I got myself out in about 5 minutes.

I bring this up, because I would have just called a tow truck before I became a member here. The knowledge I've gained from this site is great, and I have saved myself possible disciplinary action

Thanks for listening, and for being great teachers!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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