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Vote for the style you like the best!

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SoCal Hats! Vote Now!

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It's about time we get some hats...I've spent a TON of time exploring our options and these, I believe are the best.
Vote for the style you like the best. Most likely, I will have the 2 with the most votes made.
They will be embroidered with the SoCal logo. Once you've voted, post up so we can keep the thread bumped and keep this moving..
Also, I've allowed everyone to vote TWICE.
Vote away!

If you have any more suggestions, let me know!

#1. Hemp-like front w/ black mesh back - plastic snap closure

#2. Bucket-style

#3. Wool blend cap/ plastic snap closure

#4. Kid's Camo hats
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I would want on ein #2 cuz I don't currently own anything like it. I like #3 cuz it would best match your signature FJ Cruiser logo design.
I like hat #2. Plenty of shade on those hot desert runs.
I like 2 and 3, but

2. More shade, but not adjustable, any logo might look out of place with this style hat

3. Adjustable, more acceptable to wear, goes better with the logo, less shade

So I guess I'll vote for 3
I like 1 and 2 but I got enough caps and the boonie is more useful for the sunny days outdoors where I will probably use it the most.

I have samples of the boonie style hats being embroidered right now by DirtChick.
Should have them by the beginning of next week, and I'll post pictures and hopefully take orders!!
GTKrockeTT said:
boonie = #2?
Yea, bucket...boonie..same thing lol
mattmainster said:
Yea, bucket...boonie..same thing lol
just making sure you were referring to the hat, not where you guys just moved. ;)
Sneak Peak! I'll be taking orders as soon as I get the shirts out!

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OMFG! THOSE are GREAT!! I hope you have one that'll fit my big skull....:D
They come in 2 sizes: L/XL (shown) and S/M (that's small & medium for you sickos).
oo, me likey! I like the white one.
awesome lets get the white ones and rub mud all over them till they're brown!! ;D those look great matt
I want both!!

that's badass. i want both colors, and a t-shirt. whenever the hats are ready, i'm placing the order for all three.
Matt, excellent design job, as usual. The hats look super sweet.
Thanks for the compliments everyone. Lisa aka DirtChick did the embroidery. They look awesome!
So when are you gonna let these people order some hats Matt?
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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