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Ok, here's the deal:

FJ-Piper had a great idea to add a slogan of some sort to the back of the SoCal t-shirts.

I will give 'til this Thursday night (March 27th at midnight) to come up with ideas, then will put up a poll to vote on.
The vote will only last through the weekend as I know you are all dying to get your hands on some new SoCal shirts.

The genius who comes up with the winning slogan will get a FREE shirt once they are printed.


Here's FJ-Piper's quote from the old thread::

FJ-Piper said:
I would like to see a catchy slogan on SoCal FJCruisers t-shirts that can be made available for purchase. My favorite t-shirt used to be one we got from Toyota that read

"The fun begins where the pavement ends! Toyota Trucks"

What kinda cool saying can you come up with that you'd like to see on a SoCal FJCruisers shirt?

*Picture of a big rock* So Cal FJCruiser logo *picture of a hard place*

Slogan - "FJ Cruiser - the only comfort when you're between a rock and a hard place"

Kinda long, but if you can picture it as I describe it.....and I suck at describing. Even worse at drawing pictures (unless it's a stick figure)

I'm guessing like a mountain side, sheer wall, bigger rock....something like that. Or, you could draw a line and under it, put the text "A Hard Place"

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Re: ***SoCal FJ Cruiser Slogan Contest***

DominicG said:
"We got your cracks and bulges right here!" socal fj cruisers
Definitely the funniest thing I've seen so far however, nobody would get it outside of FJ'ers
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