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Seatbelt Light System Fix. Tricky? NOT AT ALL!

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2014 FJC Driver's Seatbelt, when latched, no longer extinguished instrument panel flashing seatbelt light.

My son disconnected the yellow connector under the seat which shut the light off permanently. NOT A GOOD FIX!

I play the "what if game". "IF" the airbag didn't work..would the insurance cover liabilities? Didn't like where that took me. Would not be pretty either to inadvertently discharge an airbag while trying to fix the problem. Not that there's no worries. I just like knowing what I need to do before jumping into the project.

Read all the posts, tried all the tricks, none of them helping. Compressed air blast on receptacles didnt help. Light remained on.

Bought a cheap knockoff aftermarket seatbelt receptacle on ebay. Get what you pay for, wasted my time. Wrong harness, only one electrical connector, and attachment arm was wrong length, short 4 inches or so. Price was right. Ebay took care of me. Full refund. Didnt even have to return the JUNK aftermarket knockoff part.

Bit the bullet. Ordered oem Toyota driver inboard seatbelt receptacle, Culver City Toyota. Did a will call, ~$30 + tax out the door. "Thanks", Culver city Toyota. Best oem price I could find. Took a couple of weeks for the west coast warehouse to get it shipped to Culver City.

Nothing like new parts. Closing in on victory, installed it yesterday. SUCCESS! Seatbelt light problem FIXED!

As usual for me, at first, I was intimidated by the seatbelt/airbag system, no manuals, no previous experience. So decided, DISCONNECT THE BATTERY before messing with the electrical connectors under the seat. Seemed reasonable.

Removed the four seat attachment bolts, then the separated connectors and worked the job outside of the car with seat on ground. Connectors never seem to cooperate with me. I don't like plastic parts. Got it back together.

Out of curiosity, split the clamshell housing on the old receptacle afterwards, broke the plastic slider switch within. The problem immediately revealed itself though. Wasn't the fault of the factory part.

Twas DOG HAIR! šŸ• Not just a few was packed in there like a cotton ball, both sides of the switch. NO WONDER. Got a good chortle out of that.

Rotated the tires, lubed a few zirc fittings, and with the seatbelts all working great, vehicle rides smoother than ever, 75k miles on it since new. Am taking the dogs for another ride!
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