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My FJ is a 2012, 6 speed manual transmission with approximately 55,000 miles. I live in the balmy Sonoran Desert of Arizona, aka, "The Valley of the Sun".

A few years ago, I traveled to north central AZ at an altitude of about 6.000 feet. It was winter with temps during the day of 50 degrees-ish and night time temps around 25 degrees-ish. One morning, I buckled up for a drive. After inserting the male end of the seat belt, all seemed well until I drove a couple of miles. At this time, the seat belt warning system began it's annoying beep, beep, beep. While driving, I unfastened the belt and reattached it which did not change anything.

This anomaly does not occur in the Valley. Maybe it's the 110 degree days. Last week, I was in Colorado where I negotiated a pass of 12,640 feet and camped at about 8.000 feet for a few days. The system worked ok.

Suggestions / advice?
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Something similar happened to me, and the issue was the wires along the seatbelt receiver. A little electrical tape to secure tension did the trick. This video might better explain:


Thanks for the ideas. I will try blowing out the female belt connector. My situation is a little different. With my seat belt fastened and at different road speeds, the seat belt chime will activate and go through the entire slow/fast beeping routine. This happens when I'm at higher elevations and in colder temperature. Next time I'm in the mountains and this happens I will observe the dash seat belt light to see if it blinks. This situation has never happened in and around the Phoenix area, only in the mountains and in colder temperatures.
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