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Retail giant sold illegal fuel containers and polluting wiper

SACRAMENTO - The Air Resources Board last month fined Sears
Holdings Corporation $600,000 for selling portable fuel
containers and windshield washer fluid throughout the state that
failed to meet California air emissions requirements.

In October 2007, ARB found that Sears sold more than 650
proscribed Blitz and Midwest brand portable fuel containers at
Kmart and Sears stores across the state and to California
customers directly via its website. These containers do not meet
stringent state standards and can pose a health threat due to
spills and leaks that can allow fumes and chemicals to escape.
The ARB has twice previously issued notices of violation to
Sears for selling these same illegal products.

ARB also cited the commercial chain for selling windshield
washer fluid throughout California that was specially formulated
with more polluting chemicals to prevent freezing in the state's
colder, mountainous areas. Sears sold about 18,000 gallons of
illegal washer fluid from 2004 – 2007, resulting in excess VOC
(volatile organic compound) emissions. These VOCs react with
other pollutants and sunlight in the atmosphere to form
ground-level ozone and particulate matter - the main ingredients
in smog. Both pollutants can exacerbate respiratory and
cardiovascular ailments.
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