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The year was 1980. I just turned 16 and had been saving up since age 13 working weekends and summers at the local Oak Crest super market on Cahuenga Blvd in Hollywood.
I didn't have quite the 12K but luckily my parents helped fit the bill on my first FJ40. I spent countless of hours upgrading my FJ mostly with parts from Man-A-Fre in Agura, California.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Hood
Then tragedy struck! I managed to flip in on Barham Blvd one day.
I was told by a witness that it went end-over-end twice. Fortunately It was one of the first time(s) I started wearing my seat belt.
Tire Car Vehicle Photograph Grille

Jump forward 38 years to 2018... I've never lost my love for the FJ and/but didn't ever want to experience that extreme top-heavy feeling again so I finally invested in a 2014 FJ Cruiser from CarMax, Irvine, CA. At only 12K miles and no rust whatsoever I gladly forked over the 35K. I felt like a kid again!
This time I knew I'd take better care of my baby... My wife too! :)
Land vehicle Car Tire Wheel Smile

She came fully stock and had never bee off-road.
Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Vehicle Car Wheel

Now four years later, I finally paid off the vehicle and could start modifying my rig.
These are the mods done so far:
2014 FJ Cruiser Mods...

1. Body Mount Chop (BMC)
2. 3" Old-Man-Emu Lift Kit
• 2-Shocks
• 2-Struts
• Front Trim Packer Kit
3. Cambur UniBall Upper A Control Arms
4. Mickey Thompson's 33" MudTerrain Tires on 18" x 9 Method Race Wheels
5. Spider Trax .125 Wheel Spacers
6. Genuine Toyota Front Bull Bar
7. Aftermarket, Heavy Duty Style Roof Rack from eBay.
8. Toyota OEM Black-Out Valance Kit from
  • Front Grill
  • L & R Mirrors
  • Rear Bumper Corder Caps
  • Front Bumper Wing Caps
  • Front Bumper Valance
  • Rear Bumper Filler/Valance
  • Door handles & Lock Covers
9. Gear Shifter height-reducer - I cut it down myself by about three inches.
10. Pedal Commander - Throttle Response improver.
11. Front Seat Height extenders
12. Pioneer OEM fit am/fm/cd radio
Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Automotive side marker light Vehicle

Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Wheel Tire Land vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Automotive tail & brake light Window

BTW, my License plate TVP LIVE is my company name for my Webcast Livestreaming business. Google it if you have any interest... :)


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