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Rear Bumper Cover Removal -- Easy?

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Hate to admit it, but I just had my second incident in reverse! The first one only damaged a Mercedes grill with not a scratch on my FJ -- thanks to a bumper pad that was a gift from my brother and easily installs in my tow bar. This time I was backing out of a driveway and BAM! crunched the passenger silver wing into a gorgeous stone studded "post" -- no damage to the post -- my right wing, AND the black surround above it, plus the rear bumper bracket all damaged beyond repair. I have watched several YOU TUBE videos for removal. One has a 13-year old cute young gal removing the bumper cover with 10 MM socket -- 5 bolts on top, 4 bolts underneath, the tow electrical bracket just to get it out of the way and a pop plug fastener inside the back door frame - right side. She made it look so easy. Is it really that easy? I have no back-up sensors-- just a camera (that I obviously didn't use). I've also accessed You Tube for installing the new wing which looks pretty easy as well. Yes?
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Yes, very easy. I did the same this past weekend. My oldest scraped the left wing 2 years ago when she was learning to back into the garage and my middle daughter scraped up the right wing a few months ago as she was learning SMH. I ordered black wings aftermarket from Amazon and the hardest part was getting all of the tabs to line up from the new aftermarket wings into the bumper cover. I made it happen, but it was definitely a task. It may have been easier with OEM parts, but I'm not sure.
I finally got my parts and did mine this past weekend as well. It went swimmingly. I did OEM parts and no problems. I will be paying more attention when backing up in the future! Thanks for your input.
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