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Not the game....the real thing.
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hope eveyone is ok!
I was talking on my cell phone at work Down Town LA and I thought I was having a dizzy spell (like when you sit up too fast). Then I notices the building swaying from the window and the blinds moving. I'm just relieved it isn't a tumor or a stroke.
Welcome to the forum Guavo!

My wife is stuck on the 25th floor in a bulding in Woodland Hills. Elevators are off. Sux.
This was a nice one. Biggest one I've felt for some time now, and it lasted for a bit.

My wife and one daughter were in Yorba Linda at the time. Nice ride from there! :D
Its about time we had a nice shaker! We need to keep up our states reputation! North OC was Rockin!
That was about 9 miles from my house....All kinds of stuff was rocking, glass breakage, pictures, furnature moved......I was in Burbank at the office but the wife was freaked out.
G was a good one. Now it seems like all the NUT CASES are coming out of the woods. We are getting 918V calls left and right....(violent mental cases). WTF is up with people??
I thought I was having a dizy spell at first, I started rocking slightly in my chair, then I realized it was a quake when I saw all the lights swaying. lol

Didn't feel a thing! We were ending our 4 day vacation in San Diego and were at legoland at the time. I think we must have either been on the Safari cars or the Fairytale boats...
Yeah I work in Yorba Linda we were rocking and rolling. All the stuff in our office cabinets went flying. I thought one of our secretarys was going to have a heart attack. But our company dog slept thru it so much for your pet knowing in advance. ;D
The dog knew it wasn't over a 6.0, so it just didn't matter much ;D
It was shaking pretty good at work today...kinda weird it started off mellow got a little worse then died off....SLOWLY! I thought it was over but I looked up to the front of our shop and Matt and the other guys were laughing cause my car outside was still rocking. I missed seeing it but I absolutely am terrified of the damn things and I've lived here my whole life! I'm so bad with them the first call that came in after the earthquake was my mom to see if I was ok...I love my mom! :)
Now that it's over it just seemed like a ride...I really need to learn to just have fun with them and ride them out. Hope everyone else made it through without any damage or anything
I'm glad to hear you made it through ok too, Britt and Matt. You guys are closer to the epicenter than a lot of us are.
IMachU said:
I'm glad to hear you made it through ok too, Britt and Matt. You guys are closer to the epicenter than a lot of us are.
Hmmm havn't heard from Tony todaay...
He's been posting in Big Blue all day. He's fine. He said he was in a warehouse where tall stacks of pallets didn't hold up to the shaking very well at all.
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