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never been to the store, work rarely brings me that far north. I just tend to deal shop online. i want to hang myself everytime i go into quartermaster or galls.

If you go to the store, the own er (when he's there) will usually give you better discounts on checkout. BK is a cool guy. The store on the outside says PAWN, so they have crackheads walk up with stolen VCRs all the time. You gotta badge your way into the store to get in. But once in, the clouds part, the Angels sing, beams of heavenly light envelop you in warm goodness.....

That said, I'd swear they are a money-making store for the Massaud! The owners are Israeli, and there is a "private room" for people who are, well, umm....the room is highly armored......that's all I'll say now :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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