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Possible NFL stadium in LA (City of Industry)

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"On Thursday, Roski will unveil his idea for a stadium in the City of Industry, near the southern intersection of the 57 and 60 freeways some 20 miles east of Los Angeles, said John Semcken, vice president of Majestic Realty, Roski's real estate company."

"If a team committed to moving to Los Angeles, "we could begin construction in the final quarter of this year and have it ready for play for the first exhibition game in 2011," Semcken said."

This is practically down the street from where I live. Its wedged in between upper-middle class communities that IMO are sufficiently populated. For some reason, I cannot think of any upside to this situation.

Basically, how I figure it: New NFL stadium=

-More traffic
-Possible rowdy fans in the area I frequently eat at
-Icreased litter caused by the # of people that will be in the area
-Mob mentality can equate to riot (Lakers riot in '04) Can't imagine that football fans will be any better

Maybe its just that I am not a big fan of Football or of seeing the area I grew up in change. Can anyone provide an upsides to this situation from my standpoint?
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Why would they stick it in Industry???

This is almost as bad of an idea as moving the chargers to o-side.
I heard it was going to be near Diamond Bar. Isn't it already too crowded? I think we should have a team-in AZ!
Believe it or not, I only watch football with a crowd. I am not really a fan. But put a baseball in front of me, and I'll be occupied for hours. I love that game!! Watching, playing, umpiring, etc....
I was a NFL fan. But I never will be again until we have a local team to cheer for. Thats just the way I feel. It is pure BS that the biggest potential fan base in the US has no NFL team. Some where someone has their head deeply embeded into their azz for keeping us without a team. IMHO of course.

As for putting a new stadium in that part of Industry I agree its gonna screw things up just as Tubig says. But you know these developers just don't care. Its all about the $$$ and nuthin else.

Stupid azz hats should of put it up in Irwindale where there is plenty of room & the 605 freeway way up there is wide open & easily altered for more traffic etc.

Rant over!
Fjamming said:
I heard it was going to be near Diamond Bar. Isn't it already too crowded? I think we should have a team-in AZ!
I think its on the hills in between Walnut and DB, on the east side of Grand. It's not really "crowded" but more populated than I would like.

I hope they find of endangered species on the property, so they won't be able build anything on it.
All I can say is WOW!!!! Can't believe that this is a possibility. Can't wait to hear if the plan gets approved and they move forward with it. I think there will be a lot of compaints from local residents about this one. I don't live up there; but I know that locals can't be happy about it; with all the traffic, crowds, etc.

On another topic, I CAN'T WAIT for football season again. It's my favorite sport to watch. I'm primarily a Chargers fan and then it's the Cowboys (no wisecracks please, hehe); luckily they're not in the same division. Okay; just had to get that out of the way. Football season can't get here fast enough. ;D
I usually go to a Chargers game with a bunch of guys once a year. We all pitch in for a Limo and Party!!!!
FJVP said:
I usually go to a Chargers game with a bunch of guys once a year. We all pitch in for a Limo and Party!!!!
OMG no way; that is awesome. I can just imagine how crazy you all get. My company has season tickets and my boss usually uses them for accounts; but I get one or two games to go to. The first pre season game is against Dallas; so I am definitely going to be there. A bunch of managers at my office have season tickets; so they have a huge tailgate at every home game. They make all kinds of crazy food; have even made lobster out there. It's a very fun tailgate group. Next time you go; you will have to let us know and we can all party pre game.
A talk show host in San Diego was wondering if this developer was a golfing buddy of Dean Spanos, the Chargers owner. Rumors are already flying around here that this will be the new home for the Chargers... :eek:
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