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Pachmeyer Pistol box

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****SOLD*****Any pistol owners out there? I got a Pachmeyer pistol box, normally used for competition bullseye shooting but can be used for carrying your pistols anywhere, anytime. Will hold 4 pistols in the slideout tray and has a back drawer for ammo, cleaning gear, etc. Also has a Leupold 20x50mm spotting scope mounted to the inside. Let me know if anyone is interested! In great condition, won't find another in this condition for the price...$160 obo
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Naw, man....I believe only you, the military, should own firearms. I'll never own a gun in my life. I believe my words are all the weapon I need. Thanks for serving, by the way! Semper Fidelis.
haha, I don't mind serving...except when I have plans to break in my FJ and get her dirty and then at the last minute they put me on duty and screw up my plans! haha Hope you have a great weekend!
Nice box,...... man I havent said that to another person since Thailand. ;D

haha, good one!!!! Yeah it's in great condition, I only used it for about 2 months last year when I was bullseye shooting in the Marine Corps. I think it's a good deal, it's actually made outa wood, unlike the new plastic ones they make nowadays and they're pretty hard to come by. Hope I can get rid of it...that would finish out my Lift!!!!!!
I'll talk to my neigbor. he may be interested.

Sounds good, thanks!! pm sent
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