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Over the last 45 years of driving I've dealt with all kinds of car dealerships. Factory authorized and fly by night dealerships....and in all those years I could count the number of top shelf service departments on 2 fingers. And now of those two previous dealers, one is out of business and the other you couldn't drag me through their front door.

In fact the dealership I bought my FJ from (Thousand Oaks) will never see me darken their doorstep again....don't get me wrong, some of the mechanics are nice guys, but the guys that are in charge are pompous polecats.

I switched over with in the first month of ownership of my FJ to Oxnard Toyota and have gotten to know the top dogs well. I get great service (not cheap mind you) and have even been allowed to view some of the work in progress if I had a concern. Course that's not a regular practice due to insurance issues....but it certainly lifted the feeling that they had something to hid in their service it incompetent Tech.'s or bad attitudes in the shop. My confidence has grown considerably over the last two years I've had it serviced there.

I can honestly recommend them to anyone seeking professional and knowledgeable service. And the shop foreman is really tits up on what you can do to your FJ with out damaging it down the I've noticed some seem to be dealing with lately (cracked body/frame). He was kind enough to give me the technical explanations for the few mods I've done and why it would be better in the long run. If your in or near this can't go wrong!

BTW....they like so many dealerships have a regular turn over of service writers. Sometimes you can end up with a new guy that doesn't know the ropes. If you run into a problem just seek out Rob the Service/Parts Manager....he wants to know about those kinds of issues and will help you immediately. I believe they have just reached a zenith with Toyota and have gained a new status as an award winning dealership....not to sure what all that entails....but they are really on top of things there.
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