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open rear door from the inside

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anyone done this or know anyone who can? not planning on doing it myself. willing to pay someone to do it if price is reasonable. i appreciate any info. thanks
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One question, why?
it's a secret... shushh
So when he sleeps inside the Fj he can open from inside!!!
Didn't someone do that already? It was as easy as taking off the interior plastic panel. You can then see the hole where the mechanism is. Attach a rod or something to it and you're done.
I've done it using this guide, but I wouldn't be too comfortable working on someone else's ride.

I think that's my image of it above lol. PB is down so not sure what the picture is of...
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there is an easier way if you dont want to do the full mod, drill a hole in the plastic liner, you can use that to pop the window open from the inside and then reach out and use the door handle from the outside.
Can't you open the back window reach out and open it?
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