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Old Town Temecula Car Show

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Wouldn't you know it, I start asking around for old cars and Temecula decides to have a car show! haha Actually they have this twice a year and they have over 500 cars show up. If you're gonna be in the area you should really stop in and check this out, plus you get to explore all the shops in Old Town!!! Plus live bands and the whole hoot...well I'll be there and if anyone else is gonna be there let me know and get there early cause parking sucks, they shut down all of old town for the show cars starting tonight, it's cruise night!!!! Here's the website...the dates are wrong but all the links should work and I've already seen some cool rides coming in on the 15 freeway!!! Hope some of you can make it!!! If you do come out, pm me so I can give you my cell #
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This has been going on for years Moe...I used to go to it about 15 years ago, then it just got to big and turned into a drunkfest. Peoples cars were getting damaged, so I stopped going. I hope it's not like that now.
I wish it was a drunkfest!! haha Not really but I just got home and they don't let you drink in the street anymore and there wasn't any real problems at all. It turned out to be a really nice day and there were so many sweet rides! I would post pics but Alicia decided to take my camera to Texas so I'm stuck without one. Oh well, there's always next year! haha
the last one got out of control with the drinking and partying in the evening. After the shooting at that one, i'm sure the definintly kept a tight lid on things
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