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tell me what to do

  • Keep modding the FJ

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  • start the bug build

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  • sell the bug and get it out of the garage

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  • other

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Dom...I have a 56 chevy I have been working on for 4 years, it is 90% complete, a 73 Camaro for 3 years that is 10% complete and a 63 fairlane for 2 years that has never been touched since I trailered it home

I tell you this because I have been building cars for 20 plus years and it takes time and money. Sometimes you can't pass up things even though you know you can't devote time and money to them but if it is not costing you anything to let it sit until such a time to devote not so much money but time then let it sit.

I could have taken all of my mod money and did something to any of the 3 cars but the FJ is my new found project. I can only offer you this...You and only you need to make a choice on what is it that you choose to do, fix the bug or mod the FJ, until such time you can afford the time and money to do both.

Sorry, I bet I sound like a Father. I do have a 19 year old son so I understand your delima. I was there once as well. Whatever your choice is I hope it is with much forethought.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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