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tell me what to do

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Ok.. serious dilemma folks..

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Ok, serious problem folks. I can't make up my mind!!!

So, as all of you know, i have a vw bug, in need of some serious love. I can build her for cheap, but that wont happen with me.. i just wouldn't stop and would probably end up keeping it over the FJ in the long run.

On the other hand, I've got this wickedly Uber-Duper FJC that needs some more mods.

So vote for me, tell me what to do with it all..
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May as well get FJ done right first and do the bug down the road when you can lay the money in that you want. two cars get kinda pricey in conjunction with adult responsiblilties. Then again, i wanted a bug too or a porsche 914 2ltr. but i don't have space, or extra cash flow, or time...............
Gotta give the bug some love... unless you got something serious planned for the FJ or it is not doing what ya' want it to do...
Dom...I have a 56 chevy I have been working on for 4 years, it is 90% complete, a 73 Camaro for 3 years that is 10% complete and a 63 fairlane for 2 years that has never been touched since I trailered it home

I tell you this because I have been building cars for 20 plus years and it takes time and money. Sometimes you can't pass up things even though you know you can't devote time and money to them but if it is not costing you anything to let it sit until such a time to devote not so much money but time then let it sit.

I could have taken all of my mod money and did something to any of the 3 cars but the FJ is my new found project. I can only offer you this...You and only you need to make a choice on what is it that you choose to do, fix the bug or mod the FJ, until such time you can afford the time and money to do both.

Sorry, I bet I sound like a Father. I do have a 19 year old son so I understand your delima. I was there once as well. Whatever your choice is I hope it is with much forethought.
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As with FJVP, I have a "project car." Mine is the 65 Mustang I like to show off. Yeah, it takes money. So does the FJ. I gotta split my almost nil car budget between the 2. But I can tell ya that there is nothing like getting into the Mustang on a warm day, firing it up, and going for a cruise. Relaxing, fun, and even more so since I did the work. I take pride in that, just like we take pride in our FJs and the work we do to them. I'm taking the FJ for a LONG drive (paved roads today... :( ) and on the way I'm getting a couple of parts for the Mustang. Inexpensive parts, but I broke an interior door handle yesterday on accident (darned CHEAP Ford parts only last 44 years!!), so Mustang Country here I come.

My point is, one part at a time. It's slow, but it's worth it to me. If it's worth it to you, go for it. Ultimately, it's your choice, your money, and your vehicles. We can gove advice all day long, but it's up to you to do what you feel best and what you ultimately wanna do! Whatever your decision, let us know! I used to have a 69 Bug, so I have a little experience with them. If you need help, lemme know.
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I say do the bug quick and cheap and make a profit. I did it years ago, I'd buy most my parts from mexico and junkyards, slap some paint on em and mabey a decent used radio. I'd spend 500 tops and usualy get around 2 g's. If you have a passion on that particular year then do another one on the side to fund it. after building 5 supers (I dint like them at all, no style) in 3 months, I had enough to fund my '66. I made that sukka PLUSH!. dropped in a 6 cyl porche engine, Swapped the seats out wit aligator skin covered racing seats bolted straight to the floor so the dash was eye level. had a wicked 2 foot shifter extention with an eight ball. removed the rear seat and made a custom speaker wall with 2 15's 2 12's and 2 3's with 3000 watts pumping through. I painted it pearl white and all the beetle wing indents on the hood and w engine deck lid I made cutouts of velvet to fill it in as well as the running boards. I ended up selling this one for 12,000 when I was done with it. anyway the point being that you can just slap a few together to make money for the one you want.

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I say you work on the bug and have 2 working cars :)
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