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I searched the site but couldnot find any answer yet. I just came home with the FJ today! and I found an 07 oem sub locally. The previous owner installed the touchscreen kenwood without a sub but sent wire back to the cargo area in case someone wanted to add one. Do any of you know what I need to do to wire up this oem sub because the harness end on the sub is obviously different than the wires coming into the cargo bay from the receiver.

1. Maybe i need a diagram of the sub wiring harness?
2. the oem sub is self powered right? so i’m guessing there’s one hot wire i need to hook in.
3. when installing a sub does it negate all of the bass from the other speaker or merely boost what’s already there?

i’ll send some pics tommorow to help find the solution.

any help you can offer would be appreciated. Ted (Oregon)
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