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October M&E???

Skersfan is supposed to be hosting the October M&E, but I haven't seen anything from him. Matt, care to give him a call and see if he still wants this month? If not, Larry (AceTechno) won the draw at the last event so we can default to him.

If two weeks isn't enough notice for all of us (especially with Borregofest the weekend of Oct 23rd) then might I suggest we do it the first or second weekend of November?

Sorry for not getting this posted sooner, I kept looking to hear something from Bob.

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Re: October M&E???

Sorry guys, just a very tough time period for me. Out of town until this morning, but I have posted the date and time and location. If we want to move it to the first week of November it is not a problem. What ever works is fine.
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