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New Sandstorm checking in

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Hello all, just took delivery of my 2nd FJ. Now doing the Sandstorm with offroad package.
Do alot of quad riding at Hungry valley and Pismo. Hope to join a group run soon. Live near Seal Beach.
Currently building a custom roof rack to hold my surfboards and camping gear. Will post with progress.


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I live near Seal Beach too! Welcome, neighbor!!!

Welcome to our little FJ Forum family! See you at the M&G.
Glad you joined! :)
Congratulations on the purchase! Welcome to the forum. I live in Westminster, maybe I'll see you around. Hurry up and get your SoCalFJCruisers sticker on your rear window so we can identify you on the street.
Congrats on the new FJ and hope to see ya at the M&G!! Welcome...I'm sure you'll meet plenty of really nice, cool, helpful, get's a great forum!!!
Welcome, you have chosen wisely ;D
Welcome! Did you say 2 FJs? You da man!
Sold the first 2wd and got the sandstorm 4x4 with offroad package. Still only 200 miles on it. Thanks for the great welcome. Hope to see everyone at a meet soon. Could use some wheeling pointers when I head out. I was able to get that 2wd with the locker to do some amazing stuff but am excited about whats next. PISMO soon.

G coming to the Meet and Greet this Saturday? I'm going, and since we live close we can caravan there. It's a great way to meet almost 100 of your FJ driving neighbors and get some great ideas for runs/mods too!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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