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Sun Performance, manufacturer of the QuickAIR line of compressors, was one of the pioneering companies in protable air systems for off road use. Starting with their QuickAIR 1, 2, and 3 models, they established themselves as innovators with small, efficient air compressors for portable use on the trail. But, it's a tough market in the US, and while the company went through some changes, other companies picked up the slack, offering competitive systems and newer technology than the Sun Performance had on tap.

That has now changed. With new management, and a new drive to produce top notch products for a demanding audience of hardcore off-road enthusiasts, Sun Performance has released its new line of portable and permanent mount air compressors: The QuickAIR X series. Consisting of two levels of power, each available in a permanent and portable configuration, Sun Performance is looking to become the #1 source for off roaders.

Ivan Wong, national sales manger for Sun Performance, approached my about trying out the new QuickAIR X units. As a dedicated CO2 tank user myself, I was interested to see just how capable and reliable the new compressors are. Ivan agreed to provide a new unit for me to try out, and I took it with me to the Outdoor Adventure SummerFest 2009 event in Big Bear, CA this last weekend, using it as an air station for all who wanted to use it.

The model Ivan gave me is the QuickAIR X 2000 SE portable, the current top of the line model. Like it's smaller sibling, the 1500 SE, it is a 100% duty cycle compressor, runs on 12V DC (attaches to battery directly with clamps - too powerful for the power outlet on the dash), and comes as a complete kit:
Compressor, 25' coiled with intergrated pressure gauge and screw on valve connector, carrying hande, battery clamp power connectors, and integrated on/off switch on the compressor body. The 2000 SE has a max working pressure of 200 PSI, while the smaller 1500 SE is limited to 150 PSI max (plenty for tires).
The 2000 SE weighs about 9 1/4 lbs, and is rated to fill a 5 gallon tank to 200 PSI in just over 11 minutes.

I used the QuickAIR 2000 SE during the week prior to the event around the shop; customer's tires, my own tires, an had no issues - in fact, it seemed to be the fastest portable compressor in it's size I've used - but I could compare it better in real world use in Big Bear, and see if it's 100% duty cycle rating was for real.

Well, we used it all weekend, and never did the motor strain to keep up. It's relatively quiet, and given it's 100% duty cycle and high max pressure, it made easy work of filling many, many tires of the 2 days of wheeling. At the end of Sunday's ride, getting ready to go home , we put it up against an ARB hi-output compressor, and it filled tires in HALF the time (285/75R16 from 15 PSI to 35 PSI; ARB- 6 min 11 sec, QuickAIR 2000SE 3 min 4 sec). Ths was cinsistant for all the tires we filled; it never strained, it never stopped, and it was always faster than the ARB we had available. Now, we also used the CO2 tanks to give a run, and while it is a fine unit, with excellent construction (nice military green heat sink looks good, too), it was no match for the tanks. But, tank capacity is finite, and it may be worth saving for use with air tools on more serious excursions, while using the QuickAIR for the tires. The only real grip I had is with th e pressure gauge; it worked fine, but is scaled for 200 PSI, and is not useful for precise readings at lower pressures. Not a big deal, but I would like to see a low pressure gauge option or addition for use on the trail.

Overall, I found the QuickAIR X 2000 SE to be well built, well designed, user friendly, and works as advertised. While I don't plan on removing my CO2 system, it makes an excellent alternative to anyone looking for a portable compressor that can be run all day, has a very high max pressure (and a 300 PSI model is on the way as we "speak"...), and packs away in a nicely set up bag for storage. Permanent mount models of both styles are also available at lower cost - they come a la carte, and do not have the integrated on/off switch on the body.

List price on the 2000 SE is $410.00, the 1500 SE $380.00; the hard-mount units list for $270 and $250, respectively.

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