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I just came back from Dirty Parts and saw the new LED Tail Lights on Larry's rig! They are very good looking. They do not look like aftermarket bling. The design would be a worthy addition to future FJ Cruiser releases.

I also saw a flyer on his counter with a new type of roof rack basket that stretches from front to back. It will turn the existing rack into a full rack. The original 1.75 tubes on the roof are kept on.

Bad on me for not having any pictures. I hope Larry will post up some pictures soon here on or on the other forums.

I saw that same flyer, too. I was there (Dirty Parts) last week, and didn't think to get one of them. And those LED lights are BRIGHT!! Very nice for someone with da cash to throw atr their FJ. VERY nice, and not cheap.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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