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Well.. Proved to just be IE7 in disguise:

SwiCago said:
My co-worder and I gave it a test drive today...we discovered the following
1) It uses IE back end for connectivity. Click network options and you will see it 1 to 1 IE configuration options. Second proof, they reference MS website for network configuration on their FAQs
Here is the"]Linky [/URL]... :rofl:
2) Not a true multi-tabber like Firefox. By this I mean that each time you open a new tab, it actually starts a new instance of chrome.exe .. Check for yourself under Task Manager. This is the same thing IE7 does...hmm more IE in the background then they lead on???
3) Reacts the same way with CSS as IE7 ... tisk tisk google.

We un-installed it and are staying with FF3

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I tried it on Blue. The lack of the ad-blocker made it heIIa slow.

That stuff linking it to IE is CLASSIC! If just read about Chrome in Redmond magazine article, and then found the download. I think the news that it is IE in disguise is going to bring some heat onto Google. I guess the fact it is IE is why it won't run on a Mac too? ;D
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