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Need some help please.

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Like a dumb a$$ I missplaced the key to my wheel locks. I have the factory Toyota ones. I was hopping some one local might have one I could try out to get mine off. I am hopping to save 10-50 bucks if possible. And at the same time not distroy them.
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I just sent you a PM
See you Saturday. I have one as well.

Plus, might have another device. I'll try it at home first.
Re: (FIXED) Need some help please.

Thanks guys for the help. I have got 2 of the 4 off so far. A dremel and a hammer and 3/4 socket is making it a slow but a doable process getting (cutting) them off. It takes about an hour a lug and some minor damage to each rim from slipping off with the braker and hammer. :-\ I think friday nite I will have about enough time to maybe get one more off. But if you guys can please bring the key, and I'll can give it a try.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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