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My new mod

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I'm pretty sure I'm the first but prove me wrong, I've seen em for trailer hitches but not here, just made sence and it's got it's own rain guard on top.
sory so dark it's night time and I needed to use a flashlight.

Fully functional, I had to test drive it with a bottle of black butte porter.

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There are more types here:

I think you are the first to put one in that location though
Tubig said:
There are more types here:

I think you are the first to put one in that location though
I am sooo getting one for my TT...! Every vehicle and garage needs one!
I had an opener in the same spot a year ago when i had my factory wheels. i had to take it off for the new wheels though. it is a great conversation starter when you are around the camp fire. too bad the conversation is always about how you are an alcoholic :eek: ;D
Very nice.. we've gotta camp together and put that thing to use!
All it needs is a sliced lime dispenser now!
HMMM, I got an Idea, thanks bro. lol

that should be an optional add on
Did you know our vehicle came stock with a bottle opener?

Open either door and the loop on the jamb that captures the lock on the door is perfectly sized to open a bottle.

Something I learned on baja runs years ago. Since Mexican beer never had twist offs, had to learn to open the door and open a fresh one without slowing down on the highway to San Felipe
I used to use the door catch on my 1980 Toyota pick up. Some things have not changed in the MFG processes.
I think all the Japanese MFG use the same latch and have for 30 years.

Mine was a 1980 Mitsu pickup, same latch, popped those tops like it was designed for it.
Thats cool I did not know that. Learned something new today. Thats handy to know.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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