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My daily driver ;)

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07 6MT.

Man-A-Fre rock sliders
All-Pro front skid
All-Pro transmission skid
All-Pro front bumper
All-Pro rear lower link skids
PIAA-510 Fogs mounted in the AP front bumper
Bandi-Mount with firestik and Cobra 75WSXT
Magnaflow cat-back exhaust
OME Lift front/rear (medium/medium)

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Very nice rig! And welcome to our little corner of the internet!!

Will you be coming to the meet and greet this Saturday?
Welcome, nice rig!!! hope to get that same front bumper for mine someday!!! Ya gonna be at the M&G Saturday?
Welcome! Nice lookin Ti!
Very nice! Love the color ;)
great...another TI with an All Pro bumper. ;D
Thanks guys, but no I don't think I'll make it to the M&G. A bit far for me to get up there in time. I have some prior obligations.
Pretty cool rig for a "daily driver"!
Lokks great! Steelies always make any rig look good!
Welcome & the Rig looks good, hope to see you on some trails.
Very nice! 8)

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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