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MudLovingFJ's Mud Loving Rig AKA Gretchen

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Here are just a few poser flexing shots:

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rarwr kitty. heheh ;D

this is a sorry excuse for a write-up :p
I will have a full write up in a bit. be patient ye of little faith ;D :-*
Nice Rig! This part reserved for post write-up comments. :)
Looks good Arien.

I hadn't seen the new Bumper.

Very nice!

You're not getting off that easy! FULL WRITE UP BUDDY!
thanks for the compliments, guys.

I will have a full write-up soon, but i have to retrieve as many pics as i computer crashed and i lost the rough draft of my write-up, so i have to start all over again.
and not to mention, i am trying to sell my cobra and my brothers car right now and i have a lot of school and work.... my time is very limited :(
^^^OMG! I cant believe it looked like that!! :eek:
Dude....selling the Snake? Really???? You suck. You are dead to me. Traitor.

Actually....I understand. Sorry to hear you are downsizing your stable. You will get a SWEET price for that Snake. Take lots of pics and vids before you sell it!! Good luck.
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Thanks, Dave. I am sad to let it go, but it is for the better
Oh, and Happy Persian New Year!! ;D
IMachU said:
Oh, and Happy Persian New Year!! ;D
Thank you my good man! ;D
Not bad except for that dead chicken neck stuck on the side. Did it drown or choke to death. ;D

And where is all the mud. I have never seen it that clean before. You been sick and had someone else driving it and taking care of it. Poor baby needs mud, maybe we can find some at Ouray this year. I promise to be ready to wheel every single day. Well unless I die before then. :'(
Do you have any problems with the room lights reflecting on your hood? Or does the layer of mud on your car eliminate any type of glare.

Anyways I came across this the other day:
I have had the hood done on mine since February last year. I really like the look. It comes from the old Mach 1 I used to have.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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