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Motivational Posters

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This could be fun...make your own and post 'em up!
Easy way to make them is to go to

Note: Model refused to sign release, but I used the pic anyway :)

I'll start:

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i think you've just opened the flood gates. reason #1 i don't post any pictures of myself here. ;D
hahahahaha. I heart socal!!

You can do it on Photobucket too...

My favorite (non-FJ). This one is hanging over my desk right now.

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DominicG said:
After looking at both pictures I am sure he is suffering from diahrea.
MudLovingFJ said:
He's picking his nose, Duh!!! Oh wait, you're talking about MudLovingFJ...I thought you were talking about the guy in the blue hat behind him that's scratching his brain!!! hahaha I crack myself up!! Hope I didn't offend the guy in the blue hat...if you're out there...sorry!!!
Oh we go. Come on, Blue Room crap here please....
oh you know it's funny. I didn't make it, just modded it. As for bringing drama here, I never would, but humor can tag along sometimes. ;D seriously though I mean no drama, I just took two funny pchopped pics and put em together for double funnieness, if someone put my face on it I prolly would of laughed my butt off. the angle of bills face just made this one too easy.

Hans you are the King of the motivational posters.
1 - 20 of 45 Posts
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