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I'll give props to Miller Toyota for attentive service. I bought my TT there, and while their normal sales staff are mostly idiots, their internet staff (who I ended up dealing with) were great.

Their service department isn't perfect but I've always left there happy. It seems that if they do make a mistake, they own up to it quickly and go above and beyond to rectify the situation. They had an issue installing my roof lights (cross threaded the threaded rivet that holds the air dam in place). They ordered a new kit for it and when I brought it back in they couldn't drill the rivet out as it was turning in the roof rack. they replaced the entire roof rack and light kit with a new one!

My last time there was for my 5k service and I mentioned a rattle in my cat converter. They took care of it no charge, but informed me that in the future, having their techs remove the cat to shake out the 2 dozen rocks that got trapped between the cat and heat shield was not strictly warranty work! lol ...then she (the service writer whose name I'm spacing on) said it was at least good to see that my FJ was getting used as intended! :)

Very cool!!!
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