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While I was at HB Toyota getting stuff done today, a guy in an H2 pulled in. He started looking at the TT FJ on display. It had an ARB front bumper, Warn 9000 winch, Eclipse nav, rear camera, and Camberg adjustable front and rear suspension with 3" lift. They wanted $43K for it. I took over from the salesman, and steered him towards a strippy with locker, and for 1/2 that he could have the same rig. I took pics of the TT with the cell phone, so I'll upload the pics later tonight. Nice rig, but WAYYY too expensive....considering it was the GM's car for a couple of months and smells like cigarettes. YUCK!

Well, long story short, they told him they didn't want his H3 as a trade, so he left. but not before I gave him the URL to here. He actually wheels his rig all over Utah, Colorado, etc., so I invited him to come on some runs with us....but bring spare front suspension parts with him :D

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Sounds good! It's always nice meeting new people that share the same interests no matter what rig they wheel! At least he was looking at FJs instead of something else. Too bad they couldn't help him with his trade in but they would have ended up auctioning his truck off for probably less than what they would have given him for it.
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