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Meet & Eat Guidelines

Since many of us seemed interested in a monthly Meet & Eat we were granted our own area to help plan events.

Here's how I'd like to see the monthly posts go:

When starting a new thread for a M&E, to help lessen confusion, please put the following info in the Subject Line:

Restaurant Name / City / Date of Event

In the body of the initial thread, be sure and include all other info such as start time, price range, website. Things of that nature.

I will then "Sticky" the current month's thread so it will be east to find.

I would highly recommend that the person running the current M&E contact the restaurant and give them a heads up that we will be coming. Many restaurants will want to bring on extra staff to accomodate potentially large parties.

Future M&Es will go on a first to post basis until a better method can be devised. Also, let's try and spread the locations out so no one group has to continuously drive long distances.

Seeing as how I ran with an idea originally posted by FunJunkie, I thought it only right that he gets the first go.

The whole M&E idea is still a work in progress so any ideas and suggestions are much appreciated. I'll start another thread for those when finished with this one.

So FunJunkie, where's it gonna be and when?
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