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martyr's rig

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4x4 Auto
OME lift (heavy front/medium rear)
TRD wheels/MTZ 285/75/16 W/body mount chop
Trail Gear rails
All-Pro front bumper/small light bar/KC lights (for now)
Al Pro Rear Bumper
All-Pro engine/tranny skid, transfer case skid, rear diff skid, lower shock mouint skids, lca skids.
Al Pro LCAs

Dual battery system
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Looks nice

I believe that was your muddy FJ yesterday at the M&G
Tubig said:
Looks nice

I believe that was your muddy FJ yesterday at the M&G
thanks Tubig. yeah, i was the muddy one at the M&G (fresh back from Big Bear)...
Nice looking Rig. I guess I missed ya yesterday, but I saw the muddy FJ!
Nice rig martyr...I couldn't miss it yesterday, saw you when you were just coming down the road!! haha
Tubig said:
Here's a pic that my GF took of your rig:

thanks for the mud pic Tubig... :)
Ahhhhhhhh you were the one all coverd in the mud! Rig is lookin good man!
I wondered who's rig that was.. Sorry our paths didn't cross at the M&G..

Ahhh, that was you! You had fun before the fun started :D. Rig looks really good!
Did a good job hiding the man purple with mud. lol :p jus kiddin, lookin good!!

A camo BC FJ....Coming soon to a dealer near you!
NICE JOB martyr!!! Looook'n good! ;D
Tubig said:
Yeah, that's right, the MUDDIEST rig there was a Black Cherry. Take that all you other colors. :D

Also, after seeing it, I was saddened. Mine was too clean in comparison. :(

BTW - Sweet looking rig Martyr! (imagine a smiley with a big grin, and a big thumb up)
Very nice! 8)

1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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